Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Geeks of the World, Rejoice !

from Wired:

Futurama  Is Back!
Grab a Can of Slurm and Settle In

Futurama was never a mass market success — it never generated universally known catchphrases like "Don't have a cow, man" or a movie that grossed half a billion dollars. It just attracted a niche of enthusiastic devotees. But in the modern media landscape, a hardcore niche of fans can be all you need.
Futurama was killed, but like some B-movie cyborg it refused to stay dead. The fans watched the 72 episodes religiously in syndication and shelled out $170 to get the entire run on DVD. So, in 2005, Fox green-lighted 16 new episodes. Cohen and Groening have reassembled many of the hundreds of writers, animators, and voice artists who'd gone on to other projects to create four DVDs of new material, including sexy robot stage shows. The first DVD hits stores on November 27, and the features will then be divided into half-hour episodes when the entire run of the series begins airing on Comedy Central next year.
At last, Futurama is getting a fifth season.
Also, Wired has a story on the Math Geek references that appear in Futurama.
I personally love Futurama's Computer Geek references. In one episode, we visit Bender's apartment. [Bender's a robot].  On his wall, he has a framed cross-stitch sampler. It reads:
10  Home
20  Sweet
30  Goto 10

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