Monday, March 29, 2010

Why is this President different from all other Presidents ?

In what the New York Times  dubs "one of the newest, most intimate, and least likely of White House traditions," a group will gather in the White House to celebrate Passover at sunset on Monday evening.
The "Obama Seder" began during the campaign when three low-level staffers gathered for an impromptu Seder and were surprised when Obama joined them. That one took place at the height of the bitter primary battle, and at the end of the night, Obama added his own addendum to the traditional "next year in Jerusalem" ending: "Next year in the White House!" And they did.
When Passover begins at sunset on Monday evening, Mr. Obama and about 20 others -- including senior officials and a few low-level staffers -- will gather for a ritual that neither the rabbinic sages nor the founding fathers would recognize.
In the Old Family Dining Room, under sparkling chandeliers and portraits of former first ladies, the mostly Jewish and African-American guests will recite prayers and retell the biblical story of slavery and liberation, ending with the traditional declaration "Next year in Jerusalem."
And if it's the same as last year, Malia and Sasha Obama will be taking on the role of Jewish children and asking the four questions about the night's purpose.
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