Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Death and Taxes 2011; Federal Government Budget Poster

A 24x36" poster showing exactly where your tax money goes.
The size of the circle is proportional to its funding.
On the website, you can use the plus/minus symbols at top left to zoom in on any section for a closer examination.
what others have said:
"If you want a daily reminder of where all the tax money that doesn't go into your paycheck actually goes, then put this stunning new poster up on your wall. You may be relieved just to see what a magnificent display the people at can make materialize out of those dollars that seem to disappear so abstractly from your paycheck."


"Your "Federal Government Budget Poster" is perhaps the single best display I have seen of where and how our tax dollars are spent. A wonderful graphic that makes it easy to see the relative budgeted dollars for each agency, bureau and organizational unit in the government. Terrific job of sorting out a complicated subject."

Ron Cote, 
Vice President, SiloSmashers

"I have your chart hanging in my office - I work for the Dept. of Defense, and I enjoy reminding my fellow civil servants of the trust and confidence placed in us by the taxpayer, as evidenced by the sheer magnitude of dollars they send us. For me, it's a helpful reminder of how lucky I am to work here and that I'd better accomplish something meaningful with these resources." 
Kevin Marlowe,
Director, Strategic Plans and Policy USJFCOM Joint Systems Integration Command




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