Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bizarre Records

 Hey, remember when albums had cover art ?
 Remember the great ones ?
This website remembers the not-so-great ones.
"Surfers' Pajama Party": cover picture of swinging teens in their full-body PJs
"You Don't Have to be Black to Love the Blues"; cover art shows an Asian child eating a watermelon.
"Recebi Um Convite" by Quim Barreiros; cover picture of Quim wearing his accordion... and nothing else.
"The Best of Brahms" with a cover picture of a frying pan with bacon and eggs.
Plenty more, and in convenient categories, too!
Teen Scream, Organ Fascination, Big Hair for Jesus, and Just Plain Weird
Index of Titles at  http://bizarrerecords.com/wordpress/full-index/
because sometimes all you need is a catchy title:
The Duluth Accordionaires:  "Jeno's Pizza Presents: Music to Eat Pizza By"
Joe Atkinson:  "I Have One Song"
Don Costa's Freeloaders  "Music to Break a Sub-Lease"
Freddie Gage: "All My Friends Are Dead"
Rae Bourbon: "Let Me Tell You About My Operation"
enjoy, enjoy


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