Tuesday, November 02, 2010

FW: Ah, USSR... what a country!

This happened to me several years ago, so you may have seen it before.
Still, as this is Election Day, it bears repeating.

I spent an hour and ten minutes in a voting line this morning.
As I was waiting, a man next to me said, "Ya know, they should make Election Day a national holiday, so it doesn't conflict with our work schedules."

The woman next to me replied, "I came from Russia, and I was living there when it was the Soviet Union, and it WAS a national holiday. Nobody had to go to work on an Election Day. It was a fun time. While you waited to vote, there were food and beverage carts, and music, just like a street fair."
"And," she teasingly added, "the voting process was so easy. They handed you a ballot -- already filled out -- and you just put it in the ballot box."



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