Thursday, August 25, 2011

Italian police arrest 'gladiators' by Colosseum

 news item:

Italian police have arrested 20 gladiator impersonators, in an undercover operation outside the Colosseum in Rome.

The suspects are accused of intimidating and attacking their competitors, to win a share in a lucrative business.
The men, who dress up in ancient Roman costume, are a familiar feature of the Rome tourist scene.
They can charge up to 10 euros for having a photo taken with tourists
For the police operation officers dressed up as gladiators themselves to infiltrate the gangs.
Other officers, disguised as dustbin men and members of the public, took part in the raid.

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OK, so we have on the scene:

1) The "Official" Gladiators
2) The "Impostor" Gladiators
3) The Police dressed at Gladiators
4) Police dressed as trashmen
5) Police dressed as members of the public.

Was there anybody on the scene who WASN'T pretending to be somebody else?



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