Friday, March 21, 2014

Alternate History

A friend of mine posted the following question on his Facebook page:

What if....
The allies had a Super Guppy Cargo Plane during WWII? What if the Axis powers had one? Explain how history would be different today. Go!

I thought you'd appreciate my reply to his question:

In preparation for the Conference of the Allied Leaders in Yalta, the Super Guppy from Great Britain was loaded with 52,500 lb of cargo that would be necessary to sustain Prime Minister Churchill during his stay in Yalta.

While unloading the Super Guppy, the Russian airport crew discovered that the entire cargo hold was filled with cigars and brandy.

Churchill's supplies never made it to the conference. It was all diverted to the front line Soviet troops.

Three days afterwards, the Russian advance towards Berlin sputtered, then stopped due to alcoholic stupor.

German troops prepared for a counteroffensive, but an hour before they launched their counter attack a 10,000 foot tall cloud
stretching the entire length of the front line – menacingly rolled towards them. One million Russian troops had lit their cigars and exhaled in the general direction of Germany.

The miasma was overpowering. Blood, Tears, Soil and Sweat; these were the well-known Stenches of War, but nothing could prepare the Germans for La Aroma de Cuba.  Those that were not immediately overcome fell back in hasty retreat, clearing the road to Berlin.

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