Monday, January 19, 2015

Chocolates Whose Intricate Architecture Is Designed to Tweak Taste Buds

There aren't many chocolates that are as fun to look at as they are to eat. Then, there aren't many chocolates made by famous design studios, either.

Renowned Japanese design house Nendo created this singular box of goodies for Maison & Objet, a fancy furniture show in Paris. The idea was to experiment with one of the lesser explored aspects of the chocolate experience: texture.

All nine pieces in the limited-run box are the same type of chocolate, and they all fit within the same 26-millimeter cubic plot. But each has a unique architecture, and thus its own distinct taste. One of the chocolates looks like a clump of Buckyballs. Another is a hollow cube with a corner sliced off. The most aggressive looks like a little plot of spikes fit for a delicious booby trap. Each is named after a different Japanese expression for texture: "tubu-tubu," "zara-zara," "goro-goro," "poki-poki." Looking at them, you can imagine how one might be a dense mouthful, and how another might seem totally delicate.



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