Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Should I stay or should I go ?

Should I stay or should I go ?

I frequently send emails to a large group of people. Some of you 
favor me with an occasional reply. As for the rest, it seems as if my 
emails streak off to your mailbox, and is lost in the Intertubes of 
Perhaps it is read. Perhaps it is automatically shunted to your "junk 
mail" folder. I know not.
As a result, I'm evaluating my "Send To" list to determine if my 
emails are wanted, or unwanted.
Please choose One of the following two choices:
YES ! 
Please keep me on your distribution list. I always look forward to 
your fascinating finds and amusing missives. It brightens my day. 
Every morning I rush to my computer to read them. Indeed, it is the 
sole reason my feet hit the floor each morning. Without your emails, 
despair would eclipse my joy. The laughter of children would be as 
the cackle of crows. Life itself would not be worth living.
NO !!! 
Take me off your email list. A pox upon your Send button. A specific 
Circle in Hell is reserved for Spammers like you. Never darken my 
Inbox again.
Most likely your response falls somewhere between those two 
extremes. Please pick the one closest to your feelings, and let me 
Non-Reponses will be taken as evidence that my emails do indeed go 
directly to your delete folder, and so I will act on that assumption. 
No offense will be taken.


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