Thursday, March 26, 2015

You know you're a reenactor when...

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You know you're a reenactor when...

Your coworkers asks "What did you do this weekend?" and your answer is:

Well Friday was pretty quiet. Me and the Corporal managed to set camp before the rain started. Saturday I had a hard time getting the fire started in the morning because I had run out of char cloth and had to use some dried grass. Don't you hate that? Anyway, the coffee had barely boiled when I had to dash off to the NCO's meeting. Of course, I didn't wait long enough and burnt my lips on my first sip from my cup. Then I found out we had to put together a foraging party to get ambushed for the morning tactical even though it was originally supposed to be the 42nd or another Scottish unit. Since the rest of the guys weren't going to be there until 10 or 11 I only had like four including me, but we made it work. I ended up having take a hit in the afternoon battle because my Bess was just not shooting at this point. I probably should have cleaned it, but normally I can just wipe it down after the morning engagement. Maybe it was because it was so humid. So as I was laying there the Continentals advanced over me and decided to fire a volley right over my head. Which is fine, but some jack-ass reloaded and dropped his empty cartridge on me then kicked my hat off as they stepped off again. Saturday night was great though. I ended up drinking port with the Lights and Hessians and I think we sang "British Grenadiers" at least twice. When I woke up on Sunday my back was killing me and I picked four ticks off of me, but the sunrise was gorgeous! We only had the one engagement around 11 and it was over in like a half an hour, but Bessie shot 12 rounds without a malfunction! As usual it was just me and the Captain and our wives who stayed to pack up, but we had it all in our trucks by 4 so we stopped by a local pub for a quick dinner before hitting the road.

How was your weekend?



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