Wednesday, May 06, 2015

F Ptak Science Books - photo archives as well

from my friend Mitch:

F Ptak Science Books

F Ptak Science Books began in 1983 and operated an open shop in 
Georgetown, Washington D.C. from 1985-2002. From 2003-2009 we 
operated a fine antique map and print store in the heart of the mountain 
city of Asheville, North Carolina; from 2009 to now all of our business has 
been conducted online. We specialize in unusual, rare and unique material 
in the sciences and the history of science, with strong concentrations in 
quantum theory, astrophysics, atomic physics, computer science and 

Also of principle interest are the developing years of new 
fields of science and technology--the telephone to 1890, computer science 
to 1955, telegraphy to 1870, automobiles to 1900, powered heavier-than-air 
flight to 1920, space flight to 1962, and so on.



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