Friday, August 14, 2015

What people in the 24th century do for fun

I'm reading Kage Baker's latest book, a science-fiction novel with social
satire. In this book, the 24th century's very safe, but very boring.

The governments are moral (too moral) and have banned everything that's 
"wrong" or "unhealthy." There's no meat to eat. No dairy products,
either, because that's considered animal cruelty, too.

There's no tobacco, no alcohol, no coffee, no tea, no chocolate (they're 
stimulants or depressants, and drugs are bad). Being overweight will get you
a hefty fine. If you don't lose weight, you're "hospitalized."

However, since it's the 24th century, they do have time travel, but only 
the super-rich can afford it. So they take vacations back in time.

Do they visit prehistoric times to see dinosaurs?  No.

Do they journey to see the splendor that was Greece, and the grandeur that
was Rome?  No.

They travel back to the 20th century to drink wine, eat cheese and smoke 



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