Monday, August 17, 2015

it’s a fork, a spoon ... and a knife

THE SPORF IS an unsolvable design problem. Think about it: It's a tool with three jobs—it's a fork, a spoon  and a knife—but isn't equipped to do any of them well. The utensil was pretty much born to fail. As if that isn't enough, it's also got a horrible name, so we will refer to it as a spork, which is a great name.

You can't design a perfect sporf, er, spork, because there will always be compromises. But it is possible to design a better spork. A more usable spork. A less ugly spork. 

Map Project has done exactly that. The London studio recently unveiled the Tritensil, which is a fancy name for a spork with a knife on it. But it's the prettiest damn spork in existence, and a testament to what creative design thinking can do.

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