Wednesday, January 05, 2011

NYT: 3-D Without the Glasses

For those of you interested in watching 3-D video, but hate those wearing funny-looking glasses (and isn't that most of us?) Toshiba has something to show you at the International Consumer Electronics Show — televisions and a laptop that can display 3-D video without requiring the viewer to put on glasses.
The televisions have been available in Japan since late last year. Representatives from Toshiba demoed the laptop for The New York Times last month.
The laptop works by using a Webcam to find a viewer's eyes, then sends different versions of the image to each one, creating the illusion of depth. The image quality was indistinguishable from that you can see with glasses-required 3-D, although the screen was much smaller than the giant 3-D televisions that manufacturers have been marketing. The technique also worked fine even if the viewer was wearing regular prescription glasses.

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