Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Honey, I'm MRS. Chris Hansen. Have a seat over here."

Chris Hansen reportedly caught on camera cheating on his wife
The National Enquirer has turned the tables on To Catch a Predator host Chris Hansen, reportedly catching the NBC anchor on film cheating on his wife.

The tabloid magazine claims to have "undercover spy photos" of the married father of two cheating on his wife with Kristyn Caddell, an anchor at a West Palm Beach NBC affiliate.

The magazine doesn't say if they adopted the reporter's trademark technique of casually walking through a curtain with a saucy one-liner once they had caught him in the act.

Hansen is also a correspondent for NBC's newsmagazine Dateline, but his most prominent on-air job has been as the host of the Predator reality series that baits alleged child predators into meeting with actors posing as minors. Hansen confronts the men on camera, telling them to "have a seat right over here." (It's attracted its fair share of controversy.)

We want to remind readers to take anything that the Enquirer says with a grain of salt. Still, we're not the first to concede that the Enquirer has been right about the affairs of Jesse Jackson, Gary Hart and John Edwards, as well as Edwards' love child. They're like Woodward and Bernstein when it comes to cheating husbands.

The Enquirer says all the sordid details are in their current issue—"ON SALE NOW!"—though the current July 4 edition makes no mention of Hansen.

We'll give the final word to the Baltimore Sun, who sums up our thoughts perfectly: "Hey, pedophiles who are rejoicing about Hansen getting a taste of his own medicine: Sit down. You're still pedophiles. He wins."


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