Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Observation from a friend of mine

If Argentina had cried for Eva Perone
By Piney Aloha

Considering a 1974 population of about 26 million, engaging in an on-and-off single day teary catharsis, using medium-sized boxes of dry facial tissues containing about 30 tissues per box (e.g. Georgia Pacific 47410), at an average rate of about one tissue per person per every three minutes, and averaging out the deviations caused by the dry-eyed and stoic against professional mourners and those with overactive lachrymal glands, Piney Aloha figures the number of boxes used at about 416 million. Foreseeing the pandemonium that would surely result from a country-wide tissue shortage Evita made her famous plea to NOT cry for her.



At June 29, 2011 5:27 PM , Blogger KittehFurniture said...

I wonder if the need for nasal aspirations was taken into account? When you cry THAT much you have to blow your nose.


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