Friday, August 26, 2011

Humor : The Angry Birds Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress

 Humor : The Angry Birds Deal With Post-Traumatic Stress


Blue Bird: Bartender! Another three drinks!

Bartender: Don't you think you've had enough, Blue Bird?

Blue Bird: Goddammit, I'm drinking for three birds. THREE BIRDS.

Bartender: [quietly] I know it feels that way, Blue Bird, but they're all just you.

Blue Bird: [slightly frantic] Bring me another three drinks, or so help me god, I will divide in mid air and explode this bar in several places at once! Every single bottle will shatter, even if the wooden portions of the bar stay intact, dammit!

Bartender: They're all. Just. You.

Blue Bird: [weakly] Dammit, Jim, you don't know what it was like over there. The weird mustaches some of those pigs would wear.


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