Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sobering thoughts

A friend of mine saw Roger Daltrey in concert singing the entire "Tommy" album & hits of The Who.

Some of his interesting observations;

1.    95% of the crowd was over 50.

2.    For those in the audience who saw Daltrey when The Who was in its hey-day (30+ years ago) & took drugs, the drugs they took were to get high or "expand one's consciousness" . Today, I'd venture to say that the majority of the crowd was on drugs to just keep themselves alive (heart meds, blood pressure meds, meds to prevent depression or anxiety... you know, keep the "mood" even).

3.    When he sang "My Generation" you realize that the song has a different meaning now that he -- and the majority of the audience -- are pensioners (or nearly there).

4.    Pete Townshend is "nearly deaf' & has to wear hearing aids (talk about sobering mortality).

5.    The beverage of choice for the band on stage was bottled water (of course it could have been alcohol, but I doubt it)..

6.    The drummer now sits behind a plexiglass screen from the rest of the band, incl. Daltrey, who stands right in front of the drum kit – hearing protection?

7.    The keyboards could accurately mimic the orchestral parts of the Tommy album (esp. the overture).


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