Saturday, December 20, 2014

Cards Against Humanity Is Selling You BS (Literally)

 Cards Against Humanity Is Selling You Bullshit (Literally)

What Happened: Cards Against Humanity sold actual boxes of bullcrap for Black Friday. Amazingly, 30,000 people bought them.

Where It Blew Up: Blogs, media think pieces

What Really Happened: Protesting the materialism that is Black Friday for the second year running, the people behind Cards Against Humanity decided that they'd sell crap for the corporate holiday this year, and people bought in. Enough people, it turns out, that the crap sold out in less than two hours. On his blog, CAH co-creator Max Temkin explained the thinking behind the stunt. "I see these pranks as a kind of improv where the public is our scene partner," he wrote. "Together, we create a spectacle that is simultaneously funny and real." The company made 20 cents on each of the 30,000 poop boxes sold (each box cost $6 to the customer); the profits will be donated (appropriately enough) to Heifer International.

The Takeaway: People will apparently buy anything if it's branded properly (the packaging was made by the same company that creates Apple's packaging). Whether or not those who bought the crap were true improv partners remains unclear; this Jezebel post sums up the response of many, we suspect.


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