Monday, February 09, 2015

This Guy Built a Millennium Falcon Quadcopter and It’s Awesome


Quadcopter enthusiast Olivier_C transformed his RC helicopter into the iconic Millennium Falcon from Star Wars using polystyrene and LED lights. The builder posted the step-by-step process on reddit and Imgur.

Aside from the cost of the actual drone and radio, which he estimates at 1000€, the remaining materials were incredibly cheap: 10€ for the 2 foam planks and 12€ for the front and rear lights. The paint was leftover acrylic he had lying around and he used a few sticks of glue for the glue-gun (source). Due to the weight of the materials, Oliver says the top speed is barely 35% of what the raw quadcopter can do (90km/h+).

Below you will find progress pics of the build along with videos of the finished product in action. You can see the complete gallery on Imgur and find out more information on Olivier's other RC projects on RC Groups.

video (and more on the story):


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